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Advertising web page on ASuport

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Advertising page
Advertising page
Online in 48 hours
Contract period:1 year
Advertising online service:

Advertising page on

Aceso Suport - www.asuport.ro (12 months)

sport medicine, health and sport products or services

Supplier: Aceso Suport Ltd
One advertising page (english & romanian language) on Aceso Suport for 6 months:
* text content must be under 500 words or 2500 characters and static images (png, jpeg, gif) under 100 Kb.
* Banners may have variable dimensions, files under 50 Kb
* pdf files under 1 Mb. (total under3 Mb).

One update (banner, files & link) is included!
Base price is calculated in lei (Romanian).  Payment will be made in Lei or Euro. Tax not included.
In other currencies the price depends on the National Bank of Romania exchange rates.
Invoice price is final.
Contract period:
12 months
(~ 1 year)
Contract may be extended with a new "12 months" period.
Support website:
Aceso Suport - www.asuport.ro
Pages in romanian and english language, creating & adapting  is included.
Images creating & adapting is included.
Additional pdf files & links are included.
Advertising on section  "Suppliers" is included for your Company.
One update (banner, files & link) is included! Updates are also free of charge with contract period extension.

"Update" does not mean changing the advertising product or service.
English to romanian language translation is not included!
Translation is available as an additional service.
Deleting information in 24 hours (upon request) is free of charge.
Advertising on page "Manufacturers" not included. Please see: Producers advertising.

Authors or copyright holders - of the materials accepted for publication on the website (scientific materials, articles, images, advertisements, etc.) – remain the authorized Owners of the rights of authorship with regard to the respective materials;
but along with the request of publication they agree to the following:
 # the date and interval of time of the publication (including the links authorization) is entirely at the complete disposal of the Aceso Suport Company,
 # the materials are published upon the author’s signature (logo), without major modifications of the contents; for harmonizing the material aspect with the website’s content, there can appear alterations to the form (size, colour of the text’s characters, the size of the images, etc.);
 # any dispute relating to the rights of authorship between the Owner and any third party – will be solved without involving Aceso Suport Company, the former reserving the right to remove the litigious material from the site, without notice to the parties:
The Service is provided on the "as is’" and "as available’" basis.
Last update: September 1, 2018
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